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State of Jefferson
Chamber of Commerce


Small business owners are the economic backbone of SOJ communities. We’re like you! We’re small home-based businesses, farmers, IT professionals, auto tech businesses, landscapers, retailers and much more!

We currently operate under challenging conditions, but by joining together, we can help bring about a positive change. Representation for our businesses and for our communities. A 51st star on our flag and a voice in the decisions that impact us.

While we work for SOJ formation, empowering our own economy. Our communities are self-reliant by nature and by supporting our local businesses, we strengthen our economic foundation and create jobs.

About Us

The SOJChamber is a new organization to bring together entrepreneurs in the rural North State and southern Oregon.

The purpose is for pro-SOJ entrepreneurs to promote their businesses and for citizens throughout SOJ to find local businesses that share their values.

Sign up to be included in our directory using the signup form. And don’t worry if you’re not in an SOJ county. All friends and supporters are welcome here.

Directory Sign Up

We are currently in the process of creating a directory of pro-SOJ businesses. Listing yourself in the directory is free and will help pro-SOJ community members find you.


We are arranging business meetups around SOJ to create networking opportunities for local entrepreneurs.

We also have an active Facebook group where SOJ entrepreneurs promote their businesses and chat with other local business owners.

Contact Us

State of Jefferson Chamber of Commerce
1220 Melody Lane, Suite 110
Roseville, CA 95678